The members of Thee Olde Time Farm Show would like to thank all the exhibitors for taking part in our show. We appreciate the time and effort you've put forth to come here and help make our show a success. As you know, a successful show has to be safe and accident free. With SAFETY in mind, we ask that you read and follow the:


These rules are for all operators and owners of equipment operated and displayed at THEE OLDE TIME FARM SHOW. We have been very fortunate in not having any serious accidents at the Perry Farm. These rules are for your own protection as well as for the visitors who come to our show.

  1. Sign in and register soon after unloading equipment.
  2. We require that all operators of any exhibit be registered at the time of signing in.
  3. Any exhibit operator found by an Olde Time Farm Show Safety Committee member to be operating in an UNSAFE manner shall be removed from said exhibit. Decision of Safety Committee will be final.
  4. Use extreme caution when refueling. Stop engine and refuel when engine is cool.
  5. Turn off fuel tank valves when parked.
  6. All equipment, when running, should be attended at all times.
  7. Be very careful when pulling equipment - have an adequate hitch pin.
  8. Belting up - line up equipment and chock properly, rope off belt areas.
  9. Know where your fire extinguisher is and how to use it.
  10. Please maintain intervals between parade exhibits.
  11. Be respectful to our visitors and to other exhibitors.
  12. Camp only in designated areas.
  13. Any misuse or horseplay with motorized units on the grounds and you will be asked to leave.
  14. Absolutely no Gators, Golf Carts, or any type of motorized vehicles on trails.

The Park District grounds are ALCOHOL & SMOKE FREE. The Park District has been kind enough to designate the area inside the fence for smoking. Please abide by their rules. On behalf of the Park District we thank you.

If you have any questions, see an OFFICIAL or stop by the tent you registered at. Thank you for coming to THEE OLDE TIME FARM SHOW. HAVE FUN. PLAY SAFE!